DataCube & Microsoft Dynamics

Most organisations strive to manage their customer data. They build systems that attempt to manage all aspects of our interface with them – including sales relationships, customer support activities and usage of the products and services that we provide.

Microsoft Dynamics provides a comprehensive solutions both as a Client Relationship Management (CRM) and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that manages all of these areas with a wide range of options. It can be developed and enhanced to help manage and record most levels of contact that staff in the organisation have with its clients, suppliers and even its own staff.

Increasingly, however, we deal with people without any direct contact with our staff :

  • A potential customer visits our website
  • An existing customer uses a product that records this usage
  • An automated telemetry system monitors and records data that is loaded into our central systems
  • Log files are created to record systems data and escalate events
  • Unified communication systems create digital data of conversations and faxes
  • Blogs and twitter feeds generate data on issues and topics about an organisation

This is all valuable information that we would like to be aware of when using our CRM or ERP system. However, as it is not created using these system, it creates a lot of effort to categorise it or channel it into the system so that it can be integrated.

Apperception developed the DataCube to provide a solution to these issues. Using some of the most advanced content analytical solutions available, the DataCube is able to scan all of an organisation’s unstructured data to filter the search results to a highly-filtered subset of the overall data. We are then able to categorise the files and export the data into an appropriate CRM or ERP record, providing useful information when the client record is accessed. Alternatively, we are able to dynamically direct data to specified containers in a file system or individual departments as soon as the data is received. So for example, twitter feeds to can be interpreted and categorised dynamically and routed to the appropriate individual or department rather than manually sorted. Or log files on the web server can be analysed and client transactions or browsing history recorded into the CRM system.

With DataCube, we make these possibilities happen – whether you already have a Microsoft Dynamics application that you would like to work in this way or whether you would like us to build you one. The DataCube turns unstructured data from a liability to an asset.

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