DataCube & SQL Server

We don’t have to try hard to convince you of our ability to integrate the DataCube with SQL Server – it’s already integrated as part of our product set and being used in earnest on Big Data solutions.

SQL Server is a relational database at the heart of many organisation’s data solutions. It provides the foundation for managing data from relatively small systems to some of the very largest applications and is used to provide a reliable and secure platform. Where applications are written to create and manage data, whether they be web-based or using client / server architecture, SQL Server is designed to be the solution of choice for Windows systems.

But what about all of the other data that an organisation creates. Organisations are generating increasing amounts of unstructured data, whether they be log files from websites, cookies, data telemetry, voice recordings and even Microsoft Office files that are randomly stored outside of an organisation’s document management system. IBM state that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years, which is outstripping the ability of conventional systems to cope and compounding the problem of unstructured data. In addition, many organisations still need to manage, analyse and protect the data that has been created over decades prior to the introduction of their current applications.

All of which is why Apperception have developed the DataCube. Using some of the most advanced content analytical solutions available, the DataCube is able to scan all of an organisation’s unstructured data to filter the search results to a highly-filtered subset of the overall data. We are then able to categorise the files and export the data into a structured SQL database, providing support for more traditional applications.

With DataCube, we make these possibilities happen – whether you already have a SQL Server application that you would like to work in this way or whether you would like us to build you one. The DataCube turns unstructured data from a liability to an asset.

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