DataCube & SharePoint

Sharepoint is the system of choice for many organisations as its data repository – whether for organising information, people or projects. By using Sharepoint to store data, a range of applications can be built to access it, from document management systems, web servers, and even mobile applications.

The DataCube provides a powerful and accurate search and retrieval tool for discovering data sources across an organisations data network – especially unstructured data. By integrating a technology known as Latent Semantic Indexing with our own product set, Apperception has created the ability to search and analyse data according to a number of factors, including content analytics, keywords and metadata, which can be used individually or collectively to scan the data to provide a highly filtered set of the search results.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could search across millions of documents and data files, select just the files that meet the exact search criteria and ingest the results into a Sharepoint application or web service ? Well, with the DataCube you can – even though the source data has no structure or categorisation of its own. Random data across disparate data sources and locations can now be captured into a structured Sharepoint application that can be analysed and interrogated.

Imagine the possibilities: 

  • A CRM system that contains structured records of all of the data regarding an individual client or organisation, including information from structured database applications to unstructured data such as emails, word documents or even voice mails. This can be achieved automatically without manual data input.

  • A Fraud Detection system that analyses the content from data across all of the organisation’s data set to create a Case management System that assimilates the information in one place. Structured applications with memo fields in databases can be correlated with more unstructured data held in other locations. We would even be able to create entities that recognised aliases, such as individuals giving false names and bring all of the information about them into one case file.

  • The ability to use Sharepoint as a Document Management System whereby the file plan or taxonomy is generated automatically from the actual data set, rather than some artificial schema of how we think the data should be stored. Moreover, all of the legacy data could be ingested into the system and all new data automatically moved into the right place.

  • With DataCube, we make these possibilities happen – whether you already have a Sharepoint application that you would like to work in this way or whether you would like us to build you one.

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