PSN CoCo Compliance

Apperception DataCube products makes it simple for a user to classify emails and provide additional visual indicators that will highlight protective markings to recipients of protected mail, encouraging better recognition and awareness.

Preventing inadvertent disclosure

If a document is protectively marked and this marking is higher than that of the email it is attached to, then the Email Classifier can recognise the markings, notify the user and if policy dictates, force the user to upgrade the classification of the email. This provides an easily-adopted safety net which prevents the accidental release of protectively marked material due to ‘auto-complete' type errors when addressing mail or other inadvertent disclosure.

Clearance checking

Email Classifier's ability to check that email recipients are authorised to receive protectively marked information is also an important part of compliance with the guidance given in the earlier GCSx CoCo 3.2. The Guidance Notes specify that users: "Will not send Protectively Marked information over public networks such as the Internet; and will always check that the recipients of email messages are correct so that potentially sensitive or protectively marked information is not accidentally released into the public domain."

Enhance other security technologies.

Having gained consistency in your data classification, you can then get the most from other technologies such as content management, archiving and encryption. The message/ document metadata we produce can be used to predictably and reliably trigger a further product's rule-set for automated action.


Apperception’s DataCube uniquely provides the ability to automate the process of protectively marking millions of historical documents and emails.

Protective Monitoring

The DataCUBE service includes a Protective Monitoring solution that fully complies with GPG 13 to ensure that data protection and information security systems remain intact.

ISO27001 Implementation

PSN CoCo Compliance is broadly based on the principles of ISO 27001 and organisations wishing to connect to PSN should consider applying for ISO 27001. Apperception’s consultants are able to provide a full ISO 27001 Implementation Service to install an Information Security Management System and undertake full certification. We can also provide independent auditing services to ensure compliance.

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