Business Workflows

We work closely with you to understand, map and, if necessary re-engineer, your business processes and then design the database applications that make these processes work online.

At the same time, we develop or re-develop your site so that the new applications are fully integrated and you can offer your clients or service users a highly efficient - and universally available - extension to services you may already provide off-line.

Apperception has experience in developing online business applications for a number of businesses and can convert business processes into online services.

Our methodology to design such applications includes :

  • Appoint a Project Manager whose role it is to manage the project and keep to specified limits in time and expenditure.
  • Analyse and understand the existing methods for processing, handling and sharing of documents.
  • Prototyping the systems with expert staff who have a with a vision of how the work should be done.
  • Producing a design and workflow for how these systems can be translated into a realistic IT-based solution.
  • Produce initial development versions for testing and, if approved release.
  • Training of staff on the use of new systems.
  • Production of documentation and user guides, including online process flow systems.

Examples of some of our Business Workflow systems include :

  • eCommerce systems linked to a Landlord Management System
  • Client Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • Online Fund and Grant Management Systems, including Client application and funding assessmen
  • Business Plan assessment for Self-Employed
  • Client Profile and Assessment tool for Service Partnership website

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