Graphics & UI Design

Visually, we create attractive sites that meet our customers requirements - whether to match existing branding guidelines or create new ones. Our in-house team provide graphic designs that can be used for printed materials as well as websites or software.

However, good websites or client software needs to be easy to use. Our designs ensure that the end user is well served in this respect. Our design approach is to build prototypes of the required system to provide a visual model that can be used to get the navigation and functionality correct before we start building the full system.

We also build sites that conform to legal accessibility standards. Much of our work is in the public sector so we know all there is to know about accessibility and compliance issues. We use our accessibility expertise to build web sites that comply with the UK's Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), a legal requirement as of October 2004. In summary, the law requires websites to be accessible to people with a variety of disabilities including visual impairments like loss of sight and colour-blindness, learning disabilities including dyslexia, and physical disabilities. People with physical disabilities include those who may be using adaptive technologies or specialist software to view web pages.

Whether you require an information portal. a full e-Commerce solution or online service, we can scale solutions that meet or exceed your requirements.

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DataCube services addresses the high volumes of electronic data flooding your business in all of its forms.

From professional web design to consultancy, we will help you make the most of everything related to broadband Internet.

Whether you dream of a web design or a new user interface, our design team have the skills to turn it into a reality.