Hosting & Co-Location

Having built your website, Apperception is able to provide a full hosting or co-location service from a dedicated facilities managed service where it is secure and connected to a fast Internet backbone. We offer full technical support, advice and guidance - so you can rest assured that your business or your message stays out in front the whole time. We have a full range of hosting services available - including full 24/7 technical support and site backup and recovery.

Apperception's Web Hosting services provide a managed environment for your website in Europe's most secure and best connected hosting location - Telehouse Europe in London's Docklands. The "Web Hosting Professional" service is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

When you have created your website you can download it to our servers directly using an FTP account we will provide. You can also use Microsoft FrontPage to download and manage your site directly. Access to your directory is password protected.

Disc Space and Data Throughput

The "Web Hosting Professional" service gives you 10Gb to store your web data.

The amount of traffic that your website generates is monitored and measured. Bandwidth usage is sampled every 5 minutes and analysed each month. The "Website Hosting Professional" service provides for various data capacity volumes each month with a 100Mbps burstable connection. connection. Additional 'on-demand' bandwidth is also available for "Website Hosting Professional" service users as a 'bolt-on' extra service.


Having published your web site, you will probably want to know how many people visit it and provide an easy way for them to contact you. The "Website Hosting Professional" service logs the details about the number of visits your site receives and makes this information available to you through a secure web interface. We will also send you monthly reports to help you manage your account.


We aim to provide a minimum availability of 99.99% in any monthly period. System performance is routinely monitored and a service performance report will be provided quarterly. (In order to guarantee this service to all users, Apperception reserves the right to stop the Client's web service if it includes elements that are disrupting the overall service performance e.g. faulty CGI scripts or virus infected files.)

Where you want to build in an interactive link to your end user, up to 100 email accounts are provided. Emails will be forwarded to you using your own company domain name, and CGI programs are available to enable you to create guest books and web forms. Email sent to any of your included email addresses can be automatically forwarded to ordinary POP3 or IMAP accounts you specify. You can also specify one 'catch-all' account to which emails can be forwarded. This is useful for sales campaigns and one-off events.

Domain Name

The Apperception Web Hosting Professional Service includes the registration of one domain name. The details of this are described separately as the Apperception Domain Name Registration service.

Help Desk

Many service providers only allow you to contact them for support by email. Apperception has a fully staffed Help Desk which is available during normal business hours.

Data Backup and Recovery

Apperception is able to offer backup and recovery services to ensure that you website is fully secure and able to withstand unexpected incidents, such as data corruption or web attacks. We regularly back up all of our sites at remote locations and are able to re-commence services within agreed timescales, even in the event of a catastrophic failure of the main data centre.

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