Office System Management

The increasing use of IT systems and the networks such as the VPNs or the Internet mean that your organisation is increasingly dependant on these systems being available. As these systems become greater in number and more complex, the demands placed on your IT Department, if you are lucky enough to have one, become greater and greater. The expertise needed is often too expensive and not available in one person and you may be dependant on a Third Party Support organisation to maintain your IT systems and your network. When the systems are down, the last thing you want is to have to wait hours for a n engineer to arrive.

Apperception provides the ability to monitor your network and implement solutions when problems occur, sometimes even before you know there is a problem. Using a range of software tools, we can continually monitor, manage and maintain your company's entire network, including PCs from our own Operations Centre and with staff based in North London, we can also urgently despatch staff and equipment to your site if required.

Features and Benefits

  • Central systems and network monitoring, problem detection and problem repair coordination
  • Expert technical support for systems and network problems
  • Centralised technical knowledge for a wide variety of technical product and platforms
  • Problem management and performance reporting
  • Software modification control
  • Remote software and data distribution and installation
  • Remote backup and recovery

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