Secure Voice & Video

Apperception are specialists in the design, implementation and operation of Secure Voice and Video systems over broadband Internet networks.

The opportunities presented by VoIP and IP Video conferencing are enormous but many existing implementations, including Skype, put corporate networks at risk or suffer badly from packet loss and latency. Apperception provides a unique solution to overcome these issues, using leading edge software that provides an encrypted tunnel that works securely through most firewalls without the need to re-configure the network and without creating any security holes.

Our VoIP solution is able to provide VoIP to VoIP, VoIP to PSTN and vice versa, and VoIP to 3G and vice versa. Calls from your PC over VoIP to a mobile or landline user saves you a significant amount of call charges whilst call charges for VoIP to VoIP users are free.

Our Desktop Conferencing solutions provide the ability to have one - to - one or one - to - many video conferences from your PC to other PC users or even traditional video conferencing systems. It is, however, not surprising that many video conferencing suites now being left idle when desktop conferencing provides greater flexibility and affordability without having to leave your desk.

All of the above is achieved over a secure, encrypted link at the application layer, so only the VoIP and Video systems can operate over this secure tunnel and only to Apperception's servers. Contact us to discuss this aspect in more detail.

As an experienced operator of VoIP and Video systems, Apperception is able to design and implement solutions for every organisation that are able to provide consistent quality of service. Unless you already have the detailed knowledge that comes from training and experience, it is easy to fall into the many traps that VoIP and Video provide. Why take the risk of losing out on the opportunity presented by this exciting new technology when Apperception is only a traditional telephone call away.

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