Website Development

Web development is a broad term used to describe a wide range of services, ranging from basic programming tasks using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to developing complex network security and web server configurations.

We take care of the whole process - from specification and design to hosting and full end-user support. If you need help or you need to react quickly to a change, there is only one number to call. Apperception offers a complete range of technical, design and operational support.

Our list of developments includes:

  • Visual design and User-interface design
  • Usability testing
  • Database-driven and CMS sites
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Online product catalogues and Internet e-Commerce shopping

Experience has taught us that particular projects and clients may require specific technical skills or programming languages. Our technical expertise includes a full range of development tools and languages, including CSS, ASP, PHP, Access, SQL, and MySQL.

Content Management Systems

Apperception has specialised experience in building Content Management System (CMS) sites for our clients using DotNetNuke, Sharepoint, Drupal and Modex. A CMS allows authorised members of your staff to make changes to your website and take control of the content without depending on outside help. Your marketing department can create new sections of your site on demand, PR can post news, and IT can post external or internal updates. New events can be added to a calendar, new articles can be published, new links can be inserted, and new images can be made public - all via a system that is as straight-forward as sending email and requires no knowledge of HTML or other web technologies.

Equality Act Assessment and Compliance

We use our accessibility expertise to help clients evolve existing websites into sites that comply with the UK's Equality Act, a legal requirement as of October 1999. We can provide an independent written assessment of a site's current compliance status, and a checklist of actions needed to bring the site within the law. Changes can be made by the client's existing development team, or we can undertake a rapid re-development of an existing site if required.

Search Engine Optimisation

We work with our clients to identify key words and phrases for search engine indexing, carefully preparing text for both human visitors and search engine spiders. We ensure that all of the search engine criteria for listing - meta tags, alt tags, title tags, and more - are in place, and that our clients' sites are search-engine ready from the first day.

Having an amazing web presence doesn't automatically bring commercial reward (otherwise everyone would be 100% successful!). Making a business success of your site often requires careful ongoing strategic management. the OTHER media offer a complete Digital Strategy service that provides these interventions. We have an experienced strategy team with the commercial, analytics, optimisation, testing, usability, pay-per-click and SEO skills to make your web presence successful. We strongly believe that these skills should not be separated into silos but should be integrated, with each improvement opportunity informed by work in the other areas.

Our service consists of a number of components, including the following :

Google Analytics and Tagging

Analysis of your existing business online including current results, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Heatmap Analysis, Site Search Analysis and Customer Feedback. This builds a set of benchmarks from which improvements can be measured. We also can build in Google Tagging to enable marketing information to be provided without the need for technical support or development support beyond the initial set-up.

Social Networking

Apperception undertakes a fundamental review of your wider digital presence, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as blogging, newsletters and partner relationships. We use sentiment analysis tools and industry benchmarks to make recommendations for improvements including client strategies and development of social activity calendars.

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DataCube services addresses the high volumes of electronic data flooding your business in all of its forms.

From professional web design to consultancy, we will help you make the most of everything related to broadband Internet.

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